For over a decade in advertising and marketing as a creative/art director, I have helped many brands connect with their customers on a personal level.


I began my career as a traditional graphic designer in Seoul, Korea, where I was born and raised. Working mostly for clients in fashion industry, I worked on many photo and video shoots which I had the most fun.

Ever since I took a big leap of faith coming over to the States in 1999, my focus has been shifted to branding and digital communications. Throughout my career, my traditional background and training in visual arts and communications have been a big key to success.

Some of the highlights are playing a key role in winning a few multi-million $ businesses, like Audi and Pfizer, working for the USA TODAY re-branding and marketing, leading major digital campaigns for MasterCard Travel.

  • Branding
  • Creative/Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Digital Communications
  • Graphic Design

Make it personal

It’s not some cheesy campaign slogan or anything, but it’s been my philosophy for quite a while. This applies to many different parts in such a positive way because I believe everything is personal after all.

When it comes to everyday tasks, when it’s personal, there’s an emotion, where there’s an emotion, there’s a market or opportunity to take on, and when a message is personal, it leads to an emotional connection with the audience.

When I’m to manage my staff, it doesn’t matter how many, I make sure things are more personal by giving them a certain ownership and clear accountability. When it’s personal, you want to own it, when you own something, you start caring, when you care, you get to enjoy the process more, when you do, there's usually a better chance for a better result.

Proud to work with great brands