Always in safe hands

Allianz Global Assistance is a world leader in the travel insurance and assistance industry because they really do help people—anytime, anywhere.

Over 25 million travelers depend on them every year to protect them while they’re away from home—and they take that role very seriously. That’s why the brand is dedicated to give their customers the help they need and the assistance benefits they deserve.

As the global leader in consumer specialty insurance, specializing in travel, Allianz Global Assistance is here to serve you better — anytime, anywhere.


Helping people, it’s what we do.

Allianz Global Assistance had a window of opportunity to evaluate the usability of the website for Alliance Travel Insurance. After a series of in-depth interviews and user testing sessions, they acknowledged many critical issues to be addressed and areas to be improved. The key goals of this new design project were to understand the needs of the customers and to create an enhanced brand affinity.


All here to help

We tested the newly designed website both in person and remotely, and it was such a success in just about every aspect.

In particular, the home page tested very well. Almost everyone commented on its clean, inviting, and attractive visual design. Most people also commented positively on the large and inviting image. Most users commented that they liked how direct and uncluttered the approach was.


People did not have problems with the aesthetics and the usability of the forms, and the navigation system and its flow.

Most users moved fluidly through the payment process, with almost no difficulty in handling each step. Users were able to move quickly to the completion of the tasks with only a few minor issues that we resolved later.

In 1 to 5 scale, the scores on almost every task were at least 4. Many users scored their holistic experience as 5s.  Almost all first clicks occurred on acceptable locations. Interaction flow for most people proceeded quickly and logically for them.