Insights from Big Data

Numbers are in our DNA. Numbers don’t lie. But they also don’t tell the whole story. There is information that data alone cannot provide.

Intuition beyond algorithms; individuals within insights. So much information. So many individuals. We had to break down the silos. We had to converge under one structure. One foundational building block that can at once unite and define us. A new home for our multitude of houses. Where individuals are empowered to create and collaborate. Where relationships thrive into partnerships. Where everything you need is front and center.

And we will learn with every click. We will draw insights from collective data. Progressively craying this user driven experience. Delivering not just products, but excellence in service. There is humanity in numbers.
Welcome to Helix.


Insight that matters

Verisk B2B users are large and mid-size insurance companies. Most of the insurance companies are existing customers but do not interact with Verisk on a regular basis. Most of these companies had used their sales reps as their way of interacting with Verisk. They had been purchasing one of the many data products that Verisk offers in such an antiquated and cumbersome way even in this day and age.

As a leader in the industry with a ground breaking technology, Verisk finally wanted to develop an portal application that helps;

Carriers’ decision making process more accurate and real-time.

Users access various insight metrics.

Customers collaborate and share.  

Application / Data Visualization

Insightful, real-time, on-the-go.

The overall visual concept was based on the manifesto and the guiding principle.

The end users spend a ton of hours with this application wrestling with all kinds of numbers, data, and information to make a proper judgement call on a daily basis. It can be such a robotic process just at a glance, so we wanted the experience to be more human, emotional and empathetic at the end of the day when the users log out of the system.

In order to deliver that, we crafted a softer tone overall with just enough of contrast for any user to easily pick up what’s more important, what’s next, etc., without constraining work efficiency. We drastically minimized any possible visual noise and made the data and information the hero in each and every space, and it was a clear guideline and direction to help any user’s multi-tasking process to be more effective and effortless.